Kevin Fullerton

Owner/ Creative Director of Springboard Creative

Breakout Speaker

Embracing the Disruptions Created by the Pandemic

The past three years have brought on a fundamental mindshift about work. On the fly, we had to change the way we communicate, collaborate and create. And we made it work (for the most part). Now, as we have “returned to normal,” we’re being forced to re-examine how we do everything while reconnecting with each other, reacquainting ourselves with our environments and redefining success.

We’ll talk about turning the positives to our advantage, while strategizing about overcoming the negatives. Afterall, creativity is a by-product of adversity. And we had plenty of that lately.

About Our Speaker

Kevin Fullerton, an award-winning graphic designer and creative director, launched Springboard
Creative in 2006. During his 30-year career, he has helped start companies, developed new brands
and generously given to students, the advertising industry and his community.

Kevin served as AAF Central Region chair, AAF District 9 governor, National American Advertis-
ing Awards Committee member and AAF-Kansas City president. In 2019, Kevin was recognized as

AAF-Kansas City’s Advertising Professional of the Year and the national AAF Pat Martin Excellence
in District Leadership Award honoree. In 2011, he was honored with the Distinguished Alumni
Award from Northwest Missouri State University.