Big Wig Awards

Big Wigs is about paying homage to the talented professionals who make sure creative work is seen. Every fall we honor the talented humans that make it possible to be creative in Austin. Wednesday, October 25 · 6 – 10pm CDT

About Big Wigs

Creative work isn’t possible without a lot of amazing people.

Each Fall, AAF Austin makes a call for nominations and hosts judging by members. Then we host a huge party to honor the winners.

Voting for Big Wigs 2023 is open!


  • Unsung Hero
  • Biggest Wig
  • Best Emerging Talent
  • Best Manager
  • Best Data Analyst
  • Best Strategist
  • Best Experiential/Events Manager
  • Best Media Professional
  • Best Post-Production Artist
  • Best Recruiter
  • Best Content Writer
  • Best Social Media Professional
  • Best Producer
  • Best Receptionist
  • Best It Support
  • Educator Of The Year
  • Best Print Partner
  • Best Large Company Over 100
  • Best Small Company Under 100
  • Best Large Format Company
  • Best Boutique Company Under 20
  • Best E4 Youth
  • Best User Of AI
  • Salesperson of the Year

Big Wigs Winners 2023

HUGE shout out to the Big Wigs 2023 winners!
These incredible humans were honored for their amazing work.

Big Wigs Awards 2023


Thank you for your votes! We appreciate your support. Check out the finalists’ list at the following link. Your participation made a difference!

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