Government Awareness

AAF Austin actively works on behalf of our members to impact legislation that governs the advertising industry and directly affects member livelihoods.

Grassroots Advocacy

Protecting a Vital Industry

Advertising helps generate $531.5 billion – or 15% – of economic activity in Texas. Every $1 million spent on advertising supports 66 Texas jobs.

One in 6 jobs in Texas is related to Advertising. This includes Television and Radio Stations, Print Shops, Film Makers, Recording and Editing houses, Actors, Photographers, Illustrators, Retouchers, Developers, UX Designers, Set Builders, Fabricators, Makeup Artists, Stylists, and of course – Advertising Agencies.

Issues that Affect the Advertising Industry

Taxes on Advertising

Taxing advertising has been shown to have a negative impact on the advertising industry, leading to lost revenue and jobs.

It’s important for legislators to be aware of our industry’s economic contribution.

Privacy Laws

We promote a federal solution rather than patchwork legislation. 

AAF is a founding member of the Digital Advertising Alliance, which supports privacy, but also recognizes the desire of consumers to have access to free internet content. Organizations that provide digital content will face an extreme burden if they are required to follow a patchwork of 50 different laws.

Texas Day at the Capitol

Join Us in Meeting Texas Lawmakers

Each year, AAF Austin joins with AAF local chapters across District 10 to visit legislators and educate them on the advertising industry and serve as a resource.

Be sure to check our Events section to learn when our next Day at the Capitol takes place.

Join the Grassroots

Share your information and help us create a network of members who will contact legislators.

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