Joanna Jenkins

Keynote Speaker

Friday Lunch Keynote Address 
12:15 pm – 1:45 pm 
Lone Star Ballroom A, B, C/D

“Insights From Adcolor State of the Workplace study: Retention outlook through a DEI lens” 

“Adcolor State of the Workplace study: Retention outlook through a DEI lens” offers insights into the factors that lead to employees’ desire to leave a company or advertising-related industry as well as methods to help cultivate belonging in the workplace and effective metrics to help track DEI success. Defining diversity has become increasingly nuanced, fluid and complex as we examine the intersectionality between definitions of diversity “not as unitary, mutually exclusive entities, but as reciprocally constructing phenomena that in turn shape complex social inequities.”.

Informed by a review of more than 400 published research articles, studies and commentary, qualitative insights obtained from personal interviews and focus groups among employees, and quantitative data from an online survey of the ADColor community, this study identifies factors that influence the inclusion and retention of historically excluded employees in advertising-related industries and discusses potential solutions.

How we work has fundamentally and irrevocably shifted. As organizations navigate our evolving landscape, DEI has become critical to unlocking a wealth of new opportunities and the future of work.

About Our Speaker

A fierce champion of diversity, equity and inclusion — at the intersection of industry, creative, and academia. As an Associate Dean, Professor, Creative Director and Strategist, Joanna has a proven track record in audience engagement, program development, curricula design, training, research and planning.

A Scholar with the Center for Minority Serving Institutions, Joanna is the author of the upcoming HBCU College Prep Guide and co/author/editor of the forthcoming book: “Insecure, Awkward and Winning: Intersectionality of Race, Gender and Class” with Peter Lang Press, as well as, The Convergence Crisis, Ted Talk; Reimagining the Advertising Revolution and numerous articles. Joanna has created campaigns, strategies and research in workplace equity, media representation, visual culture, Millennial/GenZ perspectives and corporate social responsibility.

A graduate of Pratt and Howard University—Joanna holds a Graphic Design/Advertising, M.S. in Visual Communications/Marketing and Ph.D. In Mass Communications/Psychology.