Inclusion Solutions Series: Rethinking User Personas for Inclusion

It’s time to rethink user personas to be inclusive

Designers need a new framework for creating user personas — one which emphasizes behaviors over demographics to be more inclusive and guard against biases.

In this session, Cindy Brummer, CEO & Creative Director at Standard Beagle Studio, will review the common pitfalls of typical personas and why they fall short. Then, she will walk through a better framework for creating personas and how designers can use this in their everyday work.

Attendees will gain:

1) An understanding of why typical personas can be harmful

2) A framework for creating personas based on behavior and inclusive design

3) How to evaluate/test personas to ensure they provide value


  • Virtual happy hour & networking 5:30 – 6pm​
  • Intro/Program 6pm – 6:45pm​
  • Q&A 6:45 – 7pm

When and Where

Date and Time

Tues, Feb 21, 2023, 5:30 PM CST


Online This is a virtual event